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Thread: 40l3863db hdmi no signal

  1. 40l3863db hdmi no signal
    Ok so since yesterdays outage courtesy of Microsoft my Xbox one is having issues. all i get is no signal on my 40"tv i i have tried different cables with each variation of end plugged into xbox. Definitely plugged in to tv out, tried all three hdmi ports on tv. Tried the power cycle and booting in low res all dont work on my 40" tv thought id try connecting my laptop through tv works perfectly. So took xbox to tiny 18" tv plugged it all in works first time. Used same hdmi cable as was using in 40". Any ideas .. even did a factory reset on xbox still no luck!!. Best way I can describe is it feels like a static memory from when it went wrong.

  2. Re: 40l3863db hdmi no signal
    hi, have you you tried a first time installation on the TV at all?

  3. Re: 40l3863db hdmi no signal
    Yes, and also technical support who guided me through factory reset on the service menu. Has baffled them too and has been sent to heaaad office for further ideas

  4. Re: 40l3863db hdmi no signal
    ah, keep us updated.

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