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Thread: Canít turn tv on from standby (43u6763db)

  1. Canít turn tv on from standby (43u6763db)
    I have recently put a new tv in my sons room, when we first turned it on, the set up screen appeared, we then accidentally turned the wrong plug off! Before we did the set up!! Now when we turn it on the standby light flashes red and green for 4/5 seconds, the Toshiba logo appears for a second, and then it goes into standby mode, and cannot be turned on by either the remote or the small button, on the back, any help please,

  2. Re: Canít turn tv on from standby (43u6763db)
    Hi, try unplugging the TV from mains power for 10 minutes or so and then test. Also whilst it is off hold the power button down on the remote for 10 seconds.

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