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Thread: ARC surround sound? 49U6863DB

  1. ARC surround sound? 49U6863DB
    How do I get Dolby 5.1 through ARC on the 49U6863DB?

    I've got a DVD player plugged into HDMI 1. It is outputting DD 5.1.

    My amp is plugged into HDMI 2 (ARC).

    The amp is receiving audio, but it appears to be in stereo.

    Does the 49U6863DB support surround sound via ARC?


  2. Re: ARC surround sound? 49U6863DB
    Hi, have you set the speaker setting to Amplifier on the TV?

  3. Re: ARC surround sound? 49U6863DB
    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Murphy View Post
    Hi, have you set the speaker setting to Amplifier on the TV?
    Yes. The TV is set to Amplifier. I can hear sound through the amp - but only in stereo. Does this TV support 5.1 via ARC?

  4. Re: ARC surround sound? 49U6863DB
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    Having a similar issue with my 43U6863DB. My Apple TV inputs DD 5.1 via HDMI 1 with my Sonos Beam plugged in to HDMI 2 ARC. However the sound output is in stereo.

    The Sonos forums suggest the Apple TV is correctly set up and I need to change the TV settings to output DD. The TV's specifications clearly state Dolby Audio (it's even written all over the box!) but I can't find the correct menu in settings to allow dolby digital. Using the digital audio out doesn't seem to make any difference.

    Any ideas oh wise and learned Toshiba forum?

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