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Thread: App suddenly disappeared

  1. App suddenly disappeared
    So something weird happened today. I opened up home on my TV to access demand5 app to watch few things. Was about to press play when I got distracted. I remember pressing the source button, not sure why lol. Anyway when going back to Demand5... The app disappeared. I can't access it at all, the logo just vanished. So get to watch shows on channel 5, I have to go through freeview play app and search the particular show. I've reset the TV twice, that logo ha just gone.

    All the other catch up apps are there, but 5 has vanished. It's like the app deleted. So I tried removing other apps to see what happens and all it does is just remove the app from home screen, you can still gte it back under mroe apps. So there's no way I deleted it completely cause you can't.

    I cannot get it back and contacted tosiba6. They are gonna force an update to see if that brings it back which I doubt. Can anyone help out???

  2. Re: App suddenly disappeared
    Hi, it's likely to be software so I would wait on the update now.

  3. Re: App suddenly disappeared
    Yeh... I don't think that'll work. The TV updated itself several weeks ago. If that doesn't work what's the next step?

  4. Re: App suddenly disappeared
    I would advise resetting the TV and setting it back up and seeing if it will come back. If not we will need to investigate it further.

  5. Re: App suddenly disappeared
    As I said in original post I have reset the TV twice, and a 3rd time which was a hard reset as directed by customer service. Today its still not there

  6. Re: App suddenly disappeared
    Are they sending this software on a USB stick? have you received it yet and given it a go?

  7. Re: App suddenly disappeared
    It did come but there's no need for it now. I turned my TV on and Channel 5 app reappeared again, I literally have no clue what that was about

  8. Re: App suddenly disappeared
    Sounds like a software glitch on the TV briefly.

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