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Thread: Toshiba Portege Z30-C only works on AC. No battery or AC led.

  1. Toshiba Portege Z30-C only works on AC. No battery or AC led.
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    Dec 2009
    My Toshiba Z30-C only works on AC. No battery status and no charge/battery led.

    I was working as regular, and the computer sudenly shutdown with battery about 80% of charge. After that, battery is not recognized and only works with AC connected.

    After that, windows and linux can not show the battery status.

    This is a recurrent problem. I can solve for a time disassembling laptop, disconnecting battery, turn it on with AC, and connecting battery again.

    After this action, battery is recognized again.

    Soft reset solutions (power button pushed 30 seconds) don't work.

    There are some solution with this problem that also affected to my previous Z30-A and Z30-B...

    On AC the computer never had fails, but on battery the suddenly shutdown without any warning is a regular problem.


  2. Re: Toshiba Portege Z30-C only works on AC. No battery or AC led.
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    I have a similar problem since a couple of weeks.

    As you report, one day while I was working, the computer (a Portégé Z930 129) shut down suddenly and I could not restart it unless plugged to AC.
    I have tried without any success several of the solutions suggested on the net and in some forums.

    As it could have been a dead battery (still the original after 5 years of use) I bought a new one and installed it.
    Still same reaction.
    But the difference is that now the battery icon on the taskbar sees the battery and states: "62% plugged in, charging"; anyhow this is not corresponding to realty since after 5 hours of being plugged the 62% charge does not move neither up nor down. And if I unplug the AC the laptop dies.

    Led indicator
    If the battery is installed, when the laptop is plugged-in and active, the battery led blinks every 3 seconds; when plugged-in and switched-off the battery led blinks quickly and continuously. If the battery is not installed, the battery led does not lit in any case.

    Could that be that there has been a periodical update of windows that had a bug with the battery AC adapter or ACPI Compliant Control Method drivers?

    Thank you to whom will have a hint on that

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