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Thread: 49v5863db - ARC output

  1. 49v5863db - ARC output
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    Hi there, I'm trying to connect the TV to my Onkyo AV receiver. HDMI 3 is marked on the back of the set as the only ARC output however when I connect this to my Amp no sound comes out. I've tried HDMI 1 & 2 as well, nothing comes out. I thought maybe the Onkyo is too old however it takes my Sky Satellite box and feeds the TV fine. I can't see there's a switch anywhere in the menus to activate the ARC output.
    Can anyone help? I getting fed up with cables all over the lounge

  2. Re: 49v5863db - ARC output
    I'd advise checking the Onkyo set up menu - HDMI, HDMI Control, Audio Return Channel.

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