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Thread: Toshiba 43U6863DB Apps crashing

  1. Toshiba 43U6863DB Apps crashing
    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, Iím a little new to all this.

    I recently purchased a Toshiba 43U6863DB, for the first few weeks itís been working perfectly! However, the past 2-3 days every time I try to use an app on the tv it will crash. The only way I can stop this is by switching the tv off at the plug. The apps work fine if you are just browsing shows, it is when you click on a video that it fails to work.
    For example Netflix; when I click on a show it will take a while to load and then suddenly get stuck, if you try to exit it all everything just locks up.
    YouTube is similar, you click on a video and youíre met with a progress bar of said video, but you then cannot exit that bit.

    Is there something Iím missing? Pretty sure itís just me being silly. Iíve never had a smart tv before, so itís all a little new.

    Thank you

  2. Re: Toshiba 43U6863DB Apps crashing
    Hi there, sorry to hear you are having these issues. First you can try a first time installation. To do this you will need to go the Settings>Installation>First time installation and then follow the prompts on screen. If this does not resolve the issue then I would advise to give technical support a call on 0333 733 4422 or email on support.uk@toshiba-tv.com.

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