For the last year or so, I have had these odd black screen issues on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. My computer is going to be 3 years old this year.
Everything was working fine until suddenly I started getting this issue that after my screen went dark (shutdown, sleep or display off) it would not turn back on. I had to eventually keep my PC on all the time because it became such a hassle (I know this isn't a great idea).
I found out that after force shutting down the PC several times, (1-5 times) the display would eventually turn on, however, the computer was always up and running as I connected external displays via HDMI and even though the display was dark the external monitor displayed a normal image.
Initially, the screen hinges and frame was broken, so it was interfering with the display cable. Got that fixed and the problems were fixed somewhat, I could now turn off my pc and sleep it and turn the screen off and it would turn back on- but not ALWAYS.
Currently, my PC works completely fine when its on, but I have trouble turning the screen off.
Doing the windows+control+shift+b key combo several times when the screen is off sometimes makes it turn back on when it wont "respond", however sometimes it doesn't and I'm forced to shut down the PC several times until it decides to turn on.
No viruses, hard drive is in good condition, RAM is also in good condition (cleaned connectors because that sometimes causes issue), CMOS battery on the mobo is also new, no odd issues whatsoever asides from this weird black screen issue that's recurrent and appeared out of nowhere.
I also reset windows to see if that changed anything and the problem still persisted.
Since that key combo I do resets the driver, could it be a problem with the graphics driver?

Sorry for the long post, I'm just getting very frustrated recently by this weird problem... and find no solution that brings my laptop back to normal.