View Full Version : TE2100 - Screen gone dark

04.01.2006, 13:35
Can somebody help me,

I was working on my TE2100 the other night, when all of a sudden the screen went almost completely black, and I haven't been able to recover any display since. I have tried re-booting etc., but to no success.
If I look very closely I can see a very faint image, but it is very hard to see.
The machine is working perfectly fine otherwise, I can still turn it on and log on as normal, I just can't see anything on the screen!

04.01.2006, 16:17
Hi Russell,

It sounds to me as if your FL inverter has failed. This is a fairly inexpensive device which provides the backlight facility for your screen. You will need to contact an ASP to arrange to have it replaced.


31.01.2006, 17:27

Nicky is right. The FL inverter is defective. If you want you can connect external monitor and use it for work till you repair it.


06.02.2006, 12:59
On most Tosh portables there is a small plastic or metal pin close to the LCD display lid hinges. By closing the lid this pin is pressed against an internal switch which turns off the backlight.Try tapping this pin repeatedly,this may make the screen activate.
If this does not work it may not be a backlight problem,in which case press and hold the Fn key and at the same time press the F5key several times pausing several seconds between each key press.This will cycle through several display output modes.