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26.11.2005, 01:09
I am trying to get a DVD/CD to work Maybe my BIOS is out of date (2.30) So I download the latest BIOS (2.50) Extract the file, remove all peripherals, PCMCIA cards etc, stop all programs and start the windows upgrade.

It gets to the "now updating BIOS screen" and hangs.

Luckily a reboot fires up the machine again (wonder what it did). A quick check says teh BIOS is still 2.30

Run the traditional BIOS upgrade program and it writes stuff to a floppy dsiskette. Reboot the machine from the floppy and . . . . . nothing! Just hangs their with the A:> if I type DIR I get a directory so the program has finished"!!

Reboot (still miraculously OK) but BIOS still 2.30

Which, if any, of the files should I run

I rerun the windows program and check that the BIOS is still 2.3 (which it is. No change there!!)

What do I have to do to upgrade the BIOS?
Does it matter?

Why did it not run automatically



28.11.2005, 16:11

Sorry but I am a little bit confused. Can you please be more specific about CD/DVD drive issue?
Maybe you don’t need any BIOS update.

Please check the BIOS update document. There is described the BIOS update procedure. In my opinion you have forgot to do follow:

“Turn the Notebook on with the key (see picture below) which, depending on the keyboard layout, is located either to the left of the spacebar or to the right between the Alt Gr and INS keys. Keep the key pressed until a short beep can be heard.”


01.12.2005, 22:14
Tecra 8100 DVD ROM (C2302) died.

Replaced it with a DVR\CD RW (C2312) but it would not read anything. (Head rattles alot but wont read commercial or own burned DVD-R or CD-R.)

There seem to be two options
1) BIOS upgrade may fix it (DVD/CDRW drives did not exist when the Tecra was launched
2) There is some stuff on the web (IDE #1 Error) about Tecra needing its CD to be a master device and being able to convert a slave to a master by soldering a 300 ohm resister between pin 47 on the IDE socket and the case
Option 1) seemed less difficult and less dangerous so I thought I would try that first.

Your comments would be appreciated.

Missed the bit in the BIOS Upgrade instructions about the beep so either I did not press the right key or I did not press it for long enough.

I will have another go when it has finished what it is doing.

Thanks for your interest.