View Full Version : SD-R2312 won't read DVD or CD in Tecra 8100

25.11.2005, 19:22
My DC-ROM (SD-C2302) drive died. I bought a second hand SD-R2312 which various websites indicated ought to work. I fitted the connector from the previous drive and put it into the Tecra.
The Tecra had some trouble recognising the drive but removing and reinserting the drive fixed that. Device manager recognises the drive as SD-R2312 and reports it working correctly.
However, the drive will not read anything. It rattles away and eventually tells me the disc is not formatted. I have tried pressed CDs and DVDs and burned CDs and DVDs (all -R). These are all discs that can be read on my other machine.
So, please:
What can I do to make this work (and where can I get the drive/firmware/BIOS update)
or is this entire idea a waste of time in which case how do I find out what CD drives are compatible with the 8100.
Thanks for any information.

26.11.2005, 18:43

you can find updates on Toshiba's support page

But as you can not read any disc, I think your drive is faulty.


15.12.2005, 00:12
Had a sensible conversation with a tech support guy.
Not sure I can implement the answer but at least I think I know what it is.