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21.11.2005, 14:58

My fan on my Toshiba 8000 isn't working properly anymore. It doesn't cool my CPU when I do regulair stuff like surfing the web etc. However, it does work when I play a videogame. In other words, it doesn't detect if my laptop is producing to much heat.

Now I already found out that there is a utility called "fan.exe". This file will make it so that the fan will work properly again. Maybe for information, check http://www.auditmypc.com/process/fan.asp

But I can't find the file anywhere on the internet!!! So my question is if anybody knows where I can get this file.

Thanks, Hartkamp

23.11.2005, 14:29

How you know that cooling fan doesn’t cool the CPU? If the unit is properly installed and if you use all settings in power management utility there should not be any problem.

If the CPU is not cooled enough the unit usually switch off suddenly. Is there the same situation?

In my opinion you should also clean up the unit. The Tecra 8000 is about five years old and it is possible that you will find a lot of dust under CPU fan.


23.11.2005, 14:42
How do I know the cooling fan doesn't cool the CPU? Because the fan doesn't swirl around. It just doesn't work anymore.

Dust is not the problem. I already vacumed the insides, so that should be fine now. Besides, the fan does work from time to time when I hava a heavy program running, like a videogame. And the unit is proparly installed.

"If the CPU is not cooled enough the unit usually switch off suddenly. Is there the same situation? " Yes, this is the situation.

But I understand I can use settings in the power management utility. Do you know how I can get there, because I don't know that. Maybe I can fix the problem there.

Thanks, Hartkamp

23.11.2005, 14:53
Hi again

Unfortunately you can not control the cooling vent individually. Please check cooling performance option in Power saver tool (Toshiba power extensions tab). Set it to “Performance”.