View Full Version : Tecra 8100 screen goes blank

14.11.2005, 18:55
Hi, I have a problem!:

Every so often, the screen goes blank. Pressing Fn+F5 four times makes the picture come back (straightaway and just as clear), but then it goes again, sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes less than a second. If connected to a monitor, the monitor picture stays when the laptop screen goes. That's all I've found out so far; can anyone help please?


14.11.2005, 20:12

Seems to be a 'known fault' with the 8100. Flicking the little button that gets pressed when you close the screen can also bring it back for a while.

I think the problem is something to do with corrosion in the screen connector. It happened to my 8100 just within warranty and the repair company fitted a new screen assembly.

I found previous reports of this fault by searching on Google Groups.

Good luck with yours.

David Tong.

17.11.2005, 10:53

I agree with David. It is possible that small button can be responsible for that. Try to configure the power management settings that the unit should go into stand by mode if the display lid is closed. It will be interesting to know if unit will try to switch into stand by mode after short time.


17.11.2005, 15:03
In case it helps, this is what happened to my T8100 (from my notes in Feb 2003 when it was two years old):

"The screen display went extremely dim after being idle for 15 minutes. Seemed as if the backlight had almost, but not quite, turned off. The monitor was set to turn off after 20 minutes but I knew it was not that because (a) I could just make out the on-screen display, and (b) moving the mouse did not brighten it up. I switched to standby for five minutes, after which it woke up normally."

Replacing the screen assembly under warranty cured the problem.

It may have been a problem with the inverter that drives the fluorescent tube. Suggest you search Google Groups for 'tecra 8100 screen problem'.

The first hit (Nick's Blog) includes this:

'Toshiba has become aware that the Toshiba notebook computer models listed below (“Covered Models”) may exhibit the following LCD display symptoms: the LCD display intermittently flickers, dims and/or goes blank as a result of issues relating to the FL Inverter Board (“FL Inverter Issue”). Toshiba is committed to customer satisfaction. Toshiba has decided to extend the warranty for the FL Inverter Issue and to provide refunds to customers for certain repairs.'

'The warranty for Covered Models will be extended to May 4, 2006 for LCD repairs required by the FL Inverter Issue only. You do not need to do anything to be eligible for the warranty extension.'

Seems very fair, but not sure if it applies everywhere or just in the USA.

David Tong.