View Full Version : Tecra 8200 doesn`t start with new memory module

11.11.2005, 20:40
hi, ive just fitted this memory to my tecra 8200 .it will not boot up message comes up /remove incompatable memory from slot B / anyone know why ??

IBM 256MB 144-pin PC100 SDRAM SODIMM Notebook Memory

IBM FRU 33L3070, 256MB, PC100, SDRAM SODIMM, No Parity, 3.3 Volt, 144-pin, 32Mb x 64

thanks for any replies biff

14.11.2005, 15:03

Well, I really donít know why this message occurs. It seems that this module should be compatible with your unit. Are you sure that the module has no fault?
Did you try to use this memory module in bank A?

Furthermore I found other compatible memory modules.

PC100 256MB (PA3069U-1M25)
PC100 128MB (PA3005U)
PC100 64MB (PA3004U)



17.11.2005, 11:48
The message is very clear. The new memory module is not compatible. You are not first one with this problem. I had it several times. I recommend you to use original parts tested by Toshiba. On this way you will not have any problem and everything will be OK.

Good luck!