View Full Version : Satellite L50-B has slow WiFi speed

08.08.2014, 06:07

i got this laptop last month but im really dissapointed because it has a bloody slow wifi connection.

I've already updated my wireless drivers but nothing happens. The funny thing is i have another old laptop but it has a great wifi speed.

I already try to make a speedtest of them both in the same place with the same time but my acer got 10-15mbps but my toshiba only gets 1-2mbps and it;s very frustating.

I've got a Qualcomm Atheros AR956x Wireless Network Adapter and i read a couple of issues with this adapter. Please if anyone that can help me with my problem.

I will sort to buy a external wifi adapter if needed.

08.08.2014, 10:10

Please check follow document about LAN/WLAN troubleshooting - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSD0702ZT0000R01.htm
I hope you will find some useful info there.

Back to your WLAN issue:
Have you checked all WLAN settings?
Is there some difference if you use notebook with battery or AC power supply?

08.08.2014, 14:50
yup. i've already try to change my channel. the best i've got is channel 11 using a external wifi adapter. I got 5mbps but still i normally got 15 mbps on my other laptop.. I also tried to put my laptop beside the router but still no difference using the built in wifi adapter. I usually place my router at the back of the tv. is that the reason why? but how it would affect since my mobile and my ipad has the same speed of 15mbps.

FYI: still no difference on speed when on battery or AC power.

08.08.2014, 14:58
Do you use some Bluetooth devices in connection with this Satellite notebook?
Is Bluetooth enabled? If yes, disable the Bluetooth and test the WiFi performance.

I read in some threads that the simultaneous usage of WiFi and Bluetooth may affect the Wifi performance.

09.08.2014, 02:47
i tried to disable bluetooth and the speed is already good of what i wanted 15mbps using the external adapter but using the bulit-in wifi with disable bluetooth, it's just the same still 2mbps is the highest. hmmmm..What would you recommend? I'll buy a good wifi router or buy a wireless adapter usb 3.0? because im using usb 2.0 wireless adapter at the moment.