View Full Version : Cannot connect Satellite C70-A-16L to my WLAN

25.07.2014, 04:51
I purchased a Satellite C70-A-16L today, when I attempted to set up a wifi connection using my known password I got the message 'can't connect to this network'.

I am not a techie whizz, far from it, and wonder if I am missing something which may be obvious. The laptop finds my network OK.

I'll be grateful to anyone who can help with this.


27.07.2014, 21:30
If your notebook can detect your WLAN that means WLAN is properly enabled. Please be sure you use right password and be sure you have tipped it right.

What you can try is to remove WLAN password for several minutes just to check WLAN connectivity.

Using LAN everything must be OK, right?

06.08.2014, 13:39

I would recommend you to test the WLan connectivity using the access point which isnít secured by any password. But of course, this is advisable just for testing purposes.

In case the connection could be established, the WLan connectivity problems may be related to wrong typed password or the encryption.