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24.10.2005, 20:01
This is one of those "Can I stretch my elderly laptop a bit further" questions.

I have a Tecra 8000. It has 256MB of memory in a single memory module in one of the two memory slots. There is therefore one slot free.

Can I put another memory module (probably 256MB) into the other slot to give me 512MB total ?

I have a downloaded product spec that says that 256MB is the maximum but it's dated April 2000 and it's not clear if that's some fundamental product limitation or just the maximum that Toshiba could supply in 2000. I have also encountered some PCs where these sorts of limitations were increased by later BIOS versions.

The laptop has the current BIOS (Version 9.3) installed.

25.10.2005, 11:42

Well, as far as I know this unit supports max 256MB SDRAM (2x128MB).
Furthermore I found these compatible modules.
PA2060U 32 MB
PA2061U 64 MB
PA2062U 128 MB

In my knowledge itís not possible to put another module into the slots because this is a motherboard specification.
By the hand I found a nice site with Tecra 8000 parts. Check this link:



25.10.2005, 12:02
Thanks for the post Juan.

You may very well be correct that 256KB is the limit. The only doubt in my mind is that this computer is already running with a single 256MB module in one slot and this size of module probably didn't exist in 2000 which is the date of the specification sheet that I'm working from.

The reason I'm chasing this outside possibility is that it would be a low cost way of extending the life of this laptop instead of buying another and so is worth a bit of effort on my part.

25.10.2005, 12:15
Hi Mike

I understand you. But as far as I know this notebook is about 6 years old and sometime this unit obtains the performance limit. :(

Best regards