View Full Version : WIFI stopped working on Satellite L750D

28.04.2014, 11:58
Internet was working fine a few days ago.
Now i have lost wifi signal from laptop.

I have re installed the wifi from device manager but it will not turn on from wireless tbs or fn key.

Any ideas please.

29.04.2014, 10:40

What notebook Satellite L750D-xxx do you have exactly?
What system is installed on you notebook?
Do other FN keys work properly?
What is the WLan card status in device manager?

Please provide more details. It would be helpful for further troubleshooting.

30.04.2014, 09:40
L755D , FN button not working wireless light at the front is flashing

05.05.2014, 11:52
I asked: “What notebook Satellite L750D-xxx do you have exactly?”
You: “L755D”

I still don’t know what L755D-xxx you have… even your system isn’t known to me :(
I asked also few other questions…

However, if WLan is recognized properly in device manager, the new WLan driver installation isn’t necessary.
Ensure that Wlan is enabled properly. Then go to Network & Sharing Centre and on the left click on “Manage Wireless Networks.

Here you can add and configure new Wireless network or you could change the settings of already created Wlan profile clicking right and choosing Properties.
There you should check if all settings are set correct.

Also an Wlan router reset would be advisable.