View Full Version : Satellite C50: Has anyone ugraded Atheros to Intel WiFi card?

10.02.2014, 13:48
Has anyone actually replaced the Atheros wifi card with the Intel centrino one?
If so can you recommend one with 2.4/5mps.

Does the C50 have two internal antennae?
I take it the card in under the keyboard?

12.02.2014, 11:16

I read somewhere in Microsoft or Intel forum (cannot find the link anymore :( ) that +Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235+ WLan card worked properly as an replacement for Qualcomm Atheros AR956x WLan card.

I guess the no tricks are needed. You would need to connect both WLan antenna cables to the Wlan module.
Usually the white cable goes to the MAIN and a black to the AUX

Your feedback is greatly appreciated...

12.02.2014, 11:31
Thanks for the info sounds good! I just now need to know how to remove the keyboard! The youtube videos are all older models, nothing on how to get at the wlan card on the satellite C 50.
Anyone out there done this.
Thanks again

12.02.2014, 11:48

HmmÖ I guess even if keyboard removal isnít very difficult for people with disassembling experiences, you would lose the warranty.
Therefore I would think twice performing such procedure.

But I guess you will need to disassemble the whole notebook (removal of bottom cover would be necessary) in order to get access the WLan card.
In my opinion this is more tricky as an simple keyboard removal.

If I would be you, I would ask some authorized service engineer for WLan card replacement.