View Full Version : Satellite S70T-A016 - Can it work on 5GHz Wireless?

06.02.2014, 14:43
I tried setting my router to only use 5Ghz. My work ProBook 6550b (at least a year old) didnt blink an eyelid.

My private Toshiba S70T-A016, less thtn a month old can no longer see the SSID.

Is there any way to encourage it to talk on 5GHz WiFi?

Thanks in advance

07.02.2014, 15:25
The 5GHz depends on the WLan card which is built in the notebook.
The Wlan standard 802.11 B and G supports 2.4Ghz
The Wlan standard 802.11 A supports 5Ghz
The WLan standard 802.11 N supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz

But if the Wlan card would not support 802.11 A then 802.11 N standard would run only at 2.4Ghz

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