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25.01.2014, 14:39
Hi all,

I have had an issue with the wireless card on my laptop for months now and have no idea how to resolve it anymore.

Basically, the wireless card seems to go through phases of not turning on. One day I can start up my laptop and it works fine, then the next day it just won't work. The wireless button on the front of the laptop is enabled but the red light doesn't glow.

In the past I have managed to get over this by either restarting the laptop several times (until it decides to work) or reinstalling the flash card drivers, wireless drivers etc. However, today none of these tricks seem to be making a difference.

The worst part is that there is no continuity with when it doesn't work and how it is fixed (sometimes restarting once fixes it, other times reinstalling the drivers fixes it and so on).

Because of this I assumed that this may mean that there's some sort of hardware fault? but if I run the laptop in safemode, the wireless will work consistently with no problems.

Does anybody have any idea what's going on??

Any help would be much appreciated,


27.01.2014, 15:34

First of all I would like to know what system you are using and if you tried to recover the notebook to factory settings in the past.

The point is that such issues are mostly software related and could be solved by system reset.

However, I think you know that the WLan card can be enabled and disabled using the key combination FN + F8.
Did you try this combination in the past?

Secondly you should check the WLan card status in device manager.
The point is that in case of WLan card driver problems, the Wlan card would not be listed properly in device manager. So this should be the next step.

In case the Wlan card is listed properly, I assume that the driver is installed and works correctly.

19.03.2014, 20:08
Hi MisterX, sorry for such a late response. In answer to your questions:

- I am using Windows 7 64bit
- I have factory reset the laptop many times (the last time being the day before I posted in this forum)
- I have tried using the FN-F8 shortcut (it always shows that the wireless is enabled even though it is not working and the wireless icon isn't lit up next to the switch at the front of the laptop)
- The card is listed properly in the device manager

Therefore, it seems that it is neither a software problem or a hardware problem, so what else could it be??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

27.03.2014, 09:55
> Therefore, it seems that it is neither a software problem nor a hardware problem, so what else could it be??
There are just two options: software or hardware problem.

Software problems should be fixed by system recovery. You said above that you already tested the recovery and settings the system back to factory settings did not solve this problem.

I think the case is clear enough: its hardware problem. Also the fact the WLan seems to be working in safe mode, would indicate that the hardware must be affected.

The cheapest solution is to purchase an external USB Wlan adapter and to use such external solution.