View Full Version : Satellite P755 - cannot enable WLan using Fn +F8

27.12.2013, 16:53

I have a toshiba Satellite P755 and i dont know why but my wirless button by touch and by pressing Fn+F8 doenst work anymore and i cant use the wirless function now to get into the internet

I tryed installing the latest driver from wirless indicator, desplay and others and the value package too and still not working

Can someone help me?

27.12.2013, 19:03
And now when i press the Fn buttom it wont pop the bar
and i tryed to click on Flash Card and checked the Flash Card options and they are all good and it doest pop up

10.01.2014, 15:24

Are you using Windows 7 system?
Do other FN buttons work properly?

Please check firstly if the special function key mode does not affect the FN button functionality.
In BIOS -> Advanced -> System configuration you can find the option “special function key mode”. It allows you to use the function buttons without pressing the FN button.

In case this is not the problem, you should reinstall the Toshiba VAP for Win 7 as well as the Flash Cards Support Utility for Win 7

After that reboot the notebook.