View Full Version : Major wireless issues with the Satellite S70-t A

04.11.2013, 12:07

I received a Satellite-S70t A on the 31/10, and from then on had experienced some major wireless issues. Upon setting up my computer and commenced internet activity, I suddenly noticed the sudden slowness as well as many issues such as packet loss and high ping (which I had never experienced before).

After a few tests I have come to the conclusion that there is either something wrong with the wireless adapter, or on the other hand not compatible with my router. I've been having issues everytime I open up the laptop and connect it to the internet, hence my reasoning.

I have updated the drivers to the wireless adapter however this has not helped.
I am currently running a Netcomm NB9wmaxxn router.

Hopefully this will be able to be solved soon.

07.11.2013, 14:14
In my opinion you issue needs some further investigation.
Its not clear enough if the Wlan issue is related to the Wlan card, Wlan driver, Wlan router or maybe the combination of Wlan router and Wlan module.

In my opinion you should check if the same happens connecting the notebook to another access point.
You should check the notebook with and without connected Ac adaptor.
Power saving may affect the Wlan performance.

You should check if the issue might be related to signal strength.
Also you should test the Wla connection with secured wifi network as well as “open” (not secured) Wifi.

Check also different WLan standards 802.11 A B G N
Of course this test depends on the Wlan module. In case the Wlan card does not support 802.11A you will not be able to check this.