View Full Version : Satellite A660 - WLan Broadcom 802.11n speed very slow on Win 8

William Connors
18.10.2013, 11:17
Hi there.

I have a Satellite A660 PSAW3a-07r00r and my speedtest is usually 12 or 13mb/s
After installing Windows 8 64bit, my speed has dropped back to 2 or 3 mb/s.
All of my other computers are still at 12 or 13 mb/s.

I have tried the windows 7 64 bit drivers as well but no luck.
It seems to be a common theme when i google.
My broadcom driver version is

Anyone have a solution or something for me to try?

Thanks in advance, Will.

18.10.2013, 12:42

As I’m not mistaken the Wlan card BROADCOM BCM94313 supports 802.11 (B/G/N) WLan standards.

What Wlan standard do you use exactly?
The Wlan standard can be changed in “Device manager -> WLan card -> Properties -> Advanced tab”

Since the Wlan card supports 802.11 B / G and N, only the 2.4Ghz frequency is supported.
This means that max 54Mbit/s data transfer rate is supported
But this is just an theoretical value. You will never get 54Mbit/s… usual speed would be ~20Mbit/s = ~ 2.5Mbyte/s

As you already get 2 or 3 MB/s, everythign seems to be OK