View Full Version : Wifi connection only drops out when Satellite L650 is sitting on glass desk

16.10.2013, 06:15
Ever since I bought a new glass desk from Ikea, the wifi connection on my Toshiba laptop has been dropping out. It took me a while to put two and two together.

Every time I sat it on the desk, the wifi drops out but as soon as I took it off the table, the wifi immediately reconnects and works as usual.

I have used it on a _wooden desk_ in the same area and it works completely fine and has never dropped out.

I also recently bought a Toshiba wireless mouse which the salesman said works on any surface. Well, it doesn't work on my glass desk and I had to purchase a mouse pad for it and now it works...

I'm using Windows 7 Home premium on a Toshiba Satellite L650 laptop model no.: PSK1JA-0K3017.

Please help me solve this issue!! What can I do to stop the wifi dropping out whilst it sits on the glass desk? Any answers are much appreciated Thank you!

16.10.2013, 09:04
Hi Chan

Iím very surprised after reading your interesting posting. To be honest I use Toshiba notebooks for long time now and Iíve never used it on glass desk so I don't have experience with this issue and I also think you are the first one who reports about such issue.

It is really new and very interesting information. Iím really interested about this thread and would like to hear more from other people who use glass desk.
What to do about that? Simply question but Iím afraid no one of us can give you good advice about that.

Ok it is has nothing with your question but if you use it on the desk can you use LAN connection? I mean if you have some kind of home office maybe you should connect it using LAN connection. I do the same although WLAN router is active.

16.10.2013, 09:55
It looks like your glass table is the reason for the wireless signal interference.

To be honest this is the first time I read about wifi interferences due to a glass table but I guess there are no many solutions for such issue.

The wireless radio signals might affected by physical and hidden obstacles or electromagnetic interference produced by other devices.

I guess the only and one real solution is to place the notebook and the WLan router in places where such inferences would not affect the wifi radio signal.

I recommend you to read this to get more details about this theme: