View Full Version : Satellite Pro C850 lost Wi-Fi after BIOS update

24.08.2013, 14:59
Today I received notification of a bios update,

I completed the bios update but when the laptop rebooted I had lost Wi-Fi connectivity and can now only connect via Ethernet.

Iíve searched online for answers but the links Iím presented with don't seem to work.

I believe I need to roll back the bios to the previous version but canít find what to do.

I have a Satellite Pro C850-14C

Please help if you can as this is silly for Toshiba to release an update that actually loses some of the laptops functions, especially the main function for a laptop which is portability.

Thanks in advance

25.08.2013, 10:39
What do you mean with ďlostĒ?
Can you enable and disable WLAN card?

17.09.2013, 17:05
Hi mate

I think the WLan card is simply disabled. To enable the Wlan card use the F12 button (or FN + F12) to enables and disable the internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.

Additional one note: After BIOS update you should always set the BIOS to default. How?
Power up the unit, press F2 to access the BIOS. Then press F9 to get default and save changes pressing F10