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23.08.2013, 11:58
Can anyone please offer some advice?
(Sorry for the posting but I tried to edit my post and some how lost everything but the Opening question)

I'll try again. My wife bought this laptop approx. 1 year ago. Our ISP is Virgin supply is cable the laptop runs Windows 7. The router used was a TP Link TL-WR740N 2.4 GHz signal. the connection has been unreliable. We installed inSder3 which indicated that the 2.4GHz band was often very congested her reception was often both overlapping and co-channel but we don't recall it to have been broken. When she lost the internet the only solution was to switch everything off and re-boot everything.

InSSIder3 indicated no signals on the 5GHz band. The laptop supplier was adamant that 'the laptop would pick up the 5GHz signal in the same way it had picked up the 2.4GHz signal'.

Yesterday the router was professionally changed for an Asus RT-N66U Gigabit Router Dual Band. The laptop does not identify the 5GHz signal but it's there the installer's smart phone adjacent to the laptop recognises it.

I am old and decrepit but the Manual indicates that the laptop is compatible with 'Frequency channel selection of 5GHz for IEEE 802.11a or/and IEEE802.11n. I took this to be corroboration of the suppliers claim. But now it seems that Toshiba say that the wireless card in this machine should allow the use of the 5GHz frequency but cannot always guarantee the compatibility of 3rd party 5GHz router networks.

Any suggestions? +But please remember my lack of ability+.

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02.09.2013, 11:21

As far as I know the Satellite L855-10P was equipped with Atheros WB225 802.11bgn Wlan card.

The Wlan 802.11 standards operates at different frequencies
So for example:
802.11 a supports 5Ghz
802.11 b supports 2.4Ghz
802.11 g supports 2.4Ghz
802.11 n supports 2.4Ghz and optional 5Ghz but only if the same chip would support 802.11 a standard.

In your case the Wlan chip supports the 802.11bgn without the a standard and therefore I guess 5Ghz isnít supported by the chip

18.09.2013, 09:45
I agree with Tonny: if the WLan chip does not support the 802.11 A standard, only the 2.4Ghz frequency is supported.