View Full Version : Windows 8 does not see hard drive on Satellite A200

12.08.2013, 13:38
Windows 8 does not see hard drive on A200.
How to install?

12.08.2013, 15:43
Thatís strangeÖ Windows 8 should already contain the HDD controller driver in order to recognize the HDD while installation.
Is the HDD visible in the BIOS?

Do you use original Windows 8 Microsoft disk?

12.08.2013, 19:59
with Vista works fine,
an original disk

12.08.2013, 21:58
> with Vista works fine,
Does this mean that Vista is still installed or is HDD visible while Vista installation setup?

Some notebookís HDD controller needs SATA driver in order to be able to install system.
Sat A200 is a little bit older but I donít think the SATA driver is needed here to install Win 8.
I guess you didnít any SATA drivers to install the Vista right?

Set the BIOS to default and try to boot again using Win 8.

13.08.2013, 08:52

What Satellite A200-xxx do you have exactly?

In cases the A200 was equipped with an ATI GPU, the HDD controller requires an AMD driver which is part of the ATI graphic card driver package.