View Full Version : How can I turn Satellite Pro L770 into a Wi-Fi hootspot?

04.08.2013, 12:18
Hi there,

Please can anyone tell me how to turn my laptop into a wifi hotspot using the mobile wifi dongle I have?

I can get online with the laptop perfectly but would like to use it as a hotspot for other devices (mobile phones) - is this possible?


04.08.2013, 21:42
> I can get online with the laptop perfectly...
Can you get is using WLAN or LAN connectivity?
I mean if you use WLAN connectivity than you can connect other devices on WLAN source (router) directly.

05.08.2013, 16:24
You want to share the notebook internet connection with others? Right?

That’s easy.
Download the free ware tool called Connectify Hotspot.
As far as I know the latest version is 5.0.1
Search also for “Connectify Lite”. This seems to be another name for the same tool.

Another tool which provides the similar functionality is “Virtual Router”
But I would recommend you the “Connectify Lite”