View Full Version : Satellite L870 - WiFi drops out frequently

25.07.2013, 12:08
Hi all,

I have read the same issue here already but the user were satisfied with an answer and I am not.
I have the Satellite L870 and wireless lan drops out very often. In most cases when I work on battery. I have to deactivate and activate the adapter sometime twice to get it working again. I don't have a setting that switches off wifi when the battery is under a certain percentage. I only want to have wifi working the whole time, especially when I am not on cable but working mobile.

The maker of the wlan module is Atheros, OS is Win 8. Anybody has any idea what can be done?



26.07.2013, 10:48
>In most cases when I work on battery.

You should disable the power saving for wireless adapter.
You should do this change in the power profile which is used if the notebook runs on battery power.

Also you should go to device manager -> WLan card properties -> power management tab.
Here you should uncheck the option allowing the system to disable the WLan in order save the power.