View Full Version : Memory upgrade for Tecra CDT 550

06.10.2005, 17:55
I have a toshiba tecra CDT 550 notebook with 64 MB RAM.

I want to upsize the RAM.

Which memory expansions could I install and what's the maximimum memory size?

Thanks for any help.

06.10.2005, 21:44

Well, as far as I know you can upgrade the memory to max 160 MB.
I found a information about this modules and there are compatible with your notebook:

16MB RAM Part number: PA2039U
32MB RAM Part number: PA2043U
64MB RAM Part number: PA2044U
128MB RAM Part number: PA2054U


07.10.2005, 08:34
Thanks for your reply!!

I have some more questions:

I have tested a SO-DIMM module but the notebook doesn't recognize this module.

Could I use any "noname" memory module or do I have to use the toshiba original. In this case the price of the memory will exceed the price of the whole notebook ;-((((

The PA2054U should be:
* Memory - 128 MB - SO DIMM 144-PIN - EDO RAM
* Which timing? PC133? PC100? PC66???????

07.10.2005, 11:28

I found a exactly description for this module:

Memory - 128 MB - SO DIMM 144-PIN - EDO RAM - 66Mhz - 3.3V

Check this link: