View Full Version : Need help with clean Windows 8 installation on Satellie A200-1MD

04.06.2013, 21:51

I want to install windows 8 on my current laptop model A200-1MD, but once I put the cd in the drive and restart the computer it just doesn't do anything , even when I press delete. Can anyone please help on how to start windows 8 installation menu ??

Thanks a lot !

06.06.2013, 15:30
Did you boot from the Win 8 disk?
Power up the unit, press F12, then choose ODD as booting device and confirm with ENTER.
Now notebook should boot from the disk

07.06.2013, 09:03
>… even when I press delete
I don’t understand why do you press “delete” button.
Anyway, do what Jacky wrote. Using F12 you can enter boot menu and choose first bootable device.