View Full Version : Satellite L670 - using a wirless connection not my own

26.05.2013, 06:10
Using Satellite L670 with windows 7 32 bit. Australia

I am using my neighbours wireless connection because I have lost my local area connection. I dont have a paid wireless connection

I have been in touch with my ISP and modem distributor. I can also see this myself that th e local area conection is not on my computer. I did a systems restore and this didnt help. Obviously because it is a Toshiba issue.. I was told to ring Toshiba but because it is the weekend they are not available.

Is there anything I can do - download soomething? If so will it download to my connection or my neighbour's as he is concered this will be the case.
Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance

26.05.2013, 11:02
Maybe it sounds stupid now but it is not easy to understand your posting. Sorry but what is the main problem? LAN connectivity?

If I understand you right, WLAN option on your notebook works properly.

13.06.2013, 15:53
Iím also very confused now.
What problems do you have exactly?

You cannot have an Wlan problem with your notebook because you said that you are using the neighbours Wlan and this seems to work.