View Full Version : Satellite Pro L850-1DZ - WiFi connection keeps dropping

25.05.2013, 19:06
Hi all. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have a Satellite Pro L850-1DZ and my WiFi connection keeps dropping then reconnecting itself. It does this in Uni,in my old and new house. The router has been changed when i moved. It can drop if im sitting next to the wireless router and when im in a different room. There are no cordless phones either. Any ideas?

Thank you very much

28.05.2013, 10:57
Does it happen with connected AC adaptor or only using batter power mode?

In case this would happen only using the battery power mode, I would recommend to change the power saver settings as described here:

Please pay attention to Wireless Adapter Settings Power Saving Mode
Also an WLan driver update would be recommended.

28.05.2013, 15:13
Firstly thank you for your reply. I never used the laptop once plugged in and charging. I checked the settings and the wifi setting was on medium power saving on battery and maximum performance on AC power. I have changed the battery option to maximum performance now. Ill use it today and see if it makes a difference. Once i know if it has worked il update the drivers also.

Thank you again