View Full Version : Need better wireless card for Satellite P750

20.05.2013, 04:50
Following my grief with the Intel 6235 wireless card in the thread below I am looking for a replacement WiFi Bluetooth card that has better WiFi reception than the OEM Atheros card. Suggestions please.

Cheers Simon


22.05.2013, 09:40
Problem is that Toshiba doesnít support such upgrades. Every notebook has specific hardware platform with certain hardware components. All preinstalled Toshiba specific tools and utilities are adapted and tested with it so there is no much possibilities to change hardware except HDD, RAM or ODD.

If someone can help you it is Toshiba service provider. They have access to Toshiba database and can eventually help with such compatibility issues. I donít think many people out there make such experiments with WLAN cards upgrade.

If Iím remembering well some people have tried this but later were faced with different issues like card not recognized or could not be enabled at all.