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01.05.2013, 03:01

The problem is that the internet speed on the laptop is slow compared to the wired one on the PC and even the one on my mobile. (numbers: Paying for 100:10 Mb, PC:97:13Mb, Nexus4:37:11Mb and qosmio: 5:4Mb).
The router I9m using is wrt160nl with dd.wrt software and it is n-enabled.
What i did: reboot the laptop, Updated drivers (realtek and intel wireles2230), messed with router settings(note that the speedtest results are always better on mobile than on laptop). I only noticed a while ago when changing ISPs (and getting a 25x faster down connection)

Any ideas how i coudl reach at least the same speed as on the mobile phone?

intel centrino wireless-N 2230 driver version (freshly updated, didn't help)
Atheros AR8161/8165 driver version:

There are 2 microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapters (Device manager), any info on that?

Power mode in current regime has WiFi on max Performance (And balanced when on battery)
What has me wondering, distributed downloads did reach 2.5MB/s couple of days ago (still not in the N reach), but i have no idea what changed.
Next step is going to be to use a newer beta of dd-wrt, uninstalling/clean installing intel wifi drivers and throwing the qosmio through the window, in this sequence.
Hopefully someone will be able to help before the last step


Thank you in advance.

Wireless security is WPA2 personal, FIPS disabled,

Intel centrino wireless-N 2230 properties
802.11n channel width for band 24 : Auto
802.11 mode : Enabled
Ad Hoc Channel 802.11b/g : 11
Ad Hoc QoS mode : WMM disabled . This seems suspicious
Bluetooth AMP: enabled
Fat Channel Intolerant: Disabled
Mixed mode protection: CTS to self enabled
roaming agressivenes: 4. Medium-High
transmit power: 5. Highest
wireless mode:3. 802.11b/g (no n band here: 1:b, 2:g, 3:b/g)

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01.05.2013, 14:21
System restore to a time when WiFi worked up to 35Mb/s didn't help, same with clean driver install

01.05.2013, 20:38
I'm missing the "edit button" on this forum.
What's new? Fresh dd-wrt improved speeds to 30Mb/s on qosmio and to 50Mb/s on mobile.
That means i'm still missing something.

08.05.2013, 23:04
Tweaking the settings finnaly produced results

10.05.2013, 09:41
> Tweaking the settings finnaly produced results
Can you please post more detail?