View Full Version : Satellite L755 does not shutdown Windows 8

30.04.2013, 01:53
Today I face problem when I press shutdown button the laptop go to sleep and when I open lid the laptop start on, this problem is new for me any idea please help?
Toshiba Satellite L755
Windows 8 MC

30.04.2013, 01:59
Did you use the Toshiba upgrade assistant or a generic version of Windows 8?

If you installed Win8 using a generic version, did you install all the Win 8 drivers for the L755? Win7 drivers will cause problems in Win8.

30.04.2013, 08:31
Check this - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB2B03EY0002R01.htm

Can this help you to perform complete shut down?

30.04.2013, 18:26
I have use all Win 8 drivers from Toshiba download drivers I am not using win7 drivers I install clean windows 8 MC , I do some check like chkdsk and sfc /scannow nothing changed.
and I'll check Dr.Lamp way, but first when I installed win8 I didn't face this action?

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30.04.2013, 18:41
This was help but i want to know is this a fault or error in my system or the laptop?

02.05.2013, 03:57
Toshiba's have a CMOS setting to power up when when the lid is opened, verify how yours is configured. I own that particular L755 and my default BIOS settings DOESN'T power up when raising the lid and I applaud it since it isn't equipped with any or least configurable hard drive protection and could possibly result in a system ignorantly powered on then moved abruptly enough to suffer HDD shock.

Regarding your question about whether your power issue is HW or software, it really doesn't matter since Windows and BIOS can set power options that are persistent among different operating systems or might conflict with eachother.

It's uncertain and provocative when I read your interest in determining where the fault is regarding your system or laptop and compels me to ask you, so what ?
And even if you were able to attribute the disagreeable power scheme to one party or both, what are you gonna do about it ? ...tough guy.

03.05.2013, 13:12
Thank you for replay I understand your point, but what is important to me is just to know if it is fault or my computer not Compatible with Windows 8, for Knowledge only.

23.05.2013, 15:03

Its not a hardware fault.
Its an future which is part of Win 8 system.

More details are explained here:
+Why does my Windows 8 notebook start automatically when opening the display lid?+

There is a option in Toshiba settings -> boot area
Its calling: *Panel open Power ON*
If this is enabled, the notebook will power on if you open the lid