View Full Version : Satellite L755-1HW: Intermittent wireless LAN problem with Sky router

18.04.2013, 22:38
I have recently bought a Satellite L755-1HW from a reseller so it is seller refurbished but in a fully working condition, having been factory reset.

I am having difficulty in picking up my Sky router (home network). It will pick up my iPhone when used as a mobile hotspot and is also finding other Sky routers in the area, although it will only automatically connect to mine intermittently and sometimes, cannot find it at all as a wireless network connection. The Sky router can be picked up fine by my Dad's laptop and other phones in the household so I think the problem lies with the laptop and not the router itself.

I have recently downloaded a driver to connect wirelessly with my Epson SX420W printer, which on startup says 'Cannot reconnect all wireless drivers' if the printer is turned off but even when the printer is on, the Sky router is being missed.

I have searched the web and already done the following:
1) Updated the Atheos wireless LAN driver to the latest version
2) Updated the system BIOS to the latest version
3) Scanned the PC using PC Diagnostic Tools and the Network is coming up as a pass.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to sort this out?

Many thanks,

19.04.2013, 08:49
>I am having difficulty in picking up my Sky router (home network).
What does it mean exactly?
I mean if WLAN card is enabled properly your notebook should detect your WLAN network. Is your WLAN detected and listed as available WLAN network?