View Full Version : Satellite P870 - HDD swap whilst keeping Windows 8 and the Toshiba programs

07.04.2013, 09:56

not sure if this is the right place but ill start here, I have a Satellite P870 that came with windows8 and all the Toshiba programs obviously, i plan on replacing the harddrive in the laptop, for an SSD, but obviously i need to be able to re-install my Windows8 on to the new HDD, so my first question is how do I go about this. and secondly once I've got my Windows8 back how if at all do I get all the Toshiba built in goodies.

I understand all user data will be lost, i just dont know how to get the windows onto the new hdd

09.04.2013, 21:25
I don't know if your laptop supports 2 HDD's or if you have an external usb drive caddy. Rather than going through the options I think it would find it better if you google for something like "Windows 8 migrate to ssd" (adding "laptop" if required).
There is software to do the job you want [http://www.paragon-software.com/technologies/components/migrate-OS-to-SSD/]

11.04.2013, 08:54
Before you do anything create recovery media.
This recovery disc you can use to reinstall original Toshiba recovery image on new SSD/HDD.

Please donít forget it. it is very important.

Friend of mine has upgraded his notebook with Samsung 840 Series SSD and he is very satisfied.
To be honest Iím thinking to do the same on my notebook.