View Full Version : Satellite Z830 network issue - constantly loss of Wi-Fi connection

21.03.2013, 11:47

My Satelite Z830 constantly looses its wifi connection. We're talking about 10-20 times per day.
I'm using an RT-N66U router with the latest firmware.
I'm using the latest BIOS, Windows 7 updates and atheros-wlan-win7-9204190 drivers.


25.03.2013, 10:12
Have you noticed this issue from the first day of usage?
Have you noticed the same behaviour connecting your notebook to other routers?
Do you use WLAN driver offered on Toshiba download page?

I have two Toshiba notebooks and use both of them with two different routers (home and office) but I’ve never noticed something like this.

25.03.2013, 11:26
1. Not really, it seems to have increased the latest months.
2. Not sure if the same happens with other routers, I'd have to use the computer for longer periods of time on other routers to find out, which I rarely do.
3. Yes, I use the WLAN driver from the Toshiba download page, the one that I mentioned in my post.

25.03.2013, 12:10
I would recommend testing the Wlan connection with another router and other router settings.
For example, check if this interrupts happens using the “open” WLan connection.
Disable encryption and encryption password. But of course just for testing purposes. The WLan should not be unsecured for a longer period of time.

Check also if the Wlan disconnection appears using battery power only or if the same appears with an connected AC adaptor.