View Full Version : Satellite C850 will not connect to 5GHz WiFi

20.03.2013, 03:54
My Satellite C850 found the 2.4GHz wireless network and connected flawlessly. However, it does not appear to "see" the 5GHz network, even though the wireless router is in the same room and only about 2 metres away. Do I have a problem, or doesn't the wireless adaptor in this laptop connect at that speed? All help appreciated, please

20.03.2013, 16:12

I think the reason why your notebook does not see the 5Ghz Wlan is simply.
The WLan card does not seem to support the 5Ghz.
The WLan standard 802.11 A supports 5Ghz

If the Wlan card supports 802.11 B / G and N or 802.11 G and N then only 2.4Ghz are supported.