View Full Version : Re: Satellite C855 - How do I install device drivers without WLan connection?

24.01.2013, 12:28
I had to reset my son's Toshiba C855-1GP yesterday.

Bought it about a month ago and windows 7 was pre-installed.
I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro via online download.
I was able to reinstall Windows 8 via USB, but when I turn it on now, it's completely empty of programmes and applications.

I realise I need to download Windows 8 device drivers for the model in question (writing this from another laptop), but not sure how to do this as the wireless device is not being recognised and I am being told to connect via ethernet. Is this just a matter of buying a cable and connecting it from laptop to router?
Will establishing an ethernet connection enable me to download the relevant drivers?

I can't figure out which Wireless driver to download either, as 4 different options are coming up (is that because I'm searching from a different computer?)

Could someone list the hardware spec for the C855-1GP here so that I know which drivers to download?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for all the basic questions!

24.01.2013, 12:58

Why you donít use the another computer to download the WLan driver and to save this on the USB stick.
Then connect the USB stick to the Satellite C855 notebook and install the required Wlan driver. :)

24.01.2013, 14:52
Thanks so much for your reply - I actually found an old ethernet cable that was lying around the house and downloaded WLAN driver from Toshiba website - 1st driver didn't work but 2nd one did! Now that I have internet on the computer I will be able to download drivers individually as I need them. Good to know I could have downloaded the driver onto a USB and installed that way - will keep it in mind for the next disaster!! Appreciate the helpful advice.

24.01.2013, 14:56
:) nice that you was able install the drivers