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14.01.2013, 19:26
Evening all

I have an ancient Toshiba satelite laptop - about four or five years old. I would give the model number but unfortunately it has rubbed off the label underneath - is there any way of finding this out (I think that it's an L300 - or something).

I leave the laptop on all the time - letting the power saver settings knock it into standby mode when the lid is closed.

Sometimes (quite often actually), when I open the lid and the computer springs into life, the connection goes to Local only rather than Local and Internet. A reboot fixes this but a reboot takes about five minutes which can be a pain if I just want to use the Internet for half a minute.

Just come to use the laptop now and it wouldn't connect - or rather, wouldn't get any web pages. This time the connection was showing as 'Local and Internet' though. I don't think that it's the browser - we use Firefox or Chrome. Also, the computer automatically connects to Skype and it was just in a state of connecting.

I've just uninstalled the wireless driver - didn't click the box that says 'delete the driver software for this driver' though. Obviously this requires a reboot which fixes the issue anyhow so I don't know whether that has fixed the problem overall.

If anyone knows of any diagnostics that I should be running whilst the machine isn't connecting though, please let me know.

This same issue happened a year or two ago and then just stopped happening/ It's now started again - been going on for about a week.

Any ideas anyone?

It's running Windows Vista Home premium and uses AVG as a virus checker - if that makes any difference. I have a newer Toshiba netbook and that works perfectly on the same wireless network. I haven't tried this troublesome laptop on a different network.

Many thanks in advance.


16.01.2013, 10:12
To be honest I didnít understand your problem.
For well working WLAN right driver must be installed and WLAN card enabled so check please one more time if the right WLAN driver is installed. You can do this in device manager.

Use FN+F8 key combination and be sure WLAN card is enabled properly. After doing this scan the area and check which WLANs are available and try to connect to your WLAN at home.

Have you tested it with battery power supply only or the same problem occurs with AC power supply too?