View Full Version : Satellite C660 now failing to connect with printer via Bluetooth

11.01.2013, 18:52
I have a very small home network - 2 Satellite C660's using Windows 7 Home premium and a Photosmart Plus printer connected via BT Home Hub all working perfectly well until one laptop suddenly failed to connect with the printer although sited 1 meter from each other.

Internet connection is fine - and other laptop working perfectly. Printer message on failed instruction, on interrogation, simply records it as 'error'.

Any ideas for solution?

14.01.2013, 16:29

From this point its difficult to say what’s wrong.
In my opinion you should reset all the settings and should configure the connection to the printer again.
Reinstall the required software which you installed in the past.
Would also recommend checking the printer manufacturer support pages… some FAQs, HowTo, etc...

Since your notebook could connect to internet properly, it cannot be an notebook issue…