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24.12.2012, 09:44

I don't understand totally the windows 8 update thing.

My computer isn't listed in the first part (computers you can already update), nor on the second (computers you can't). Just says something like 'drivers not taken in charge by windows 8'.

Does it mean I can't update to windows 8 with my computer working correctly at all, or that Toshiba needs some time to make it works nicely?

Thanks for your answer.

24.12.2012, 10:21
Every notebook manufacturer makes decision which old notebook models will be supported for newest operating system. Toshiba has done the same and offered public list with all supported models.
You can find it on - http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/generic/windows8-message under Toshiba Compatibility Matrix.
Your Satellite is pretty old and was delivered with Vista OS so Toshiba has supported it for Win7 but it is obviously not supported for Win8. With other words Toshiba will not offer any Win8 drivers, tools and utilities.

You can try to update your Satellite to Win8 and see how it works but you are on your own and must see how to get best OS configuration. You can try to use some Win7 stuff and I hope most of them will work properly.

Fact is that on this moment we don’t have many reports in this forum about Win8 functionality on older notebook models so if you will play with it and hopefully get it to work be so nice and post some detailed feedback how you have done it.

Such reports can be very useful for other X200 owners.

Bye and good luck.

27.12.2012, 17:45
As Silas mentioned, there is very little compatibility information about the X200 model and Windows 8 compatibility. The best test is likely to try it and see what happens, most hardware which worked with Vista will work with Windows 7 or with Windows 8, but there are always exceptions.

One thing you might try to avoid attempting the upgrade blindly is to download and install the [Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant|http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/upgrade-to-windows-8]. This will check the individual devices attached to your computer such as chipset, graphics, etc. as well as installed applications for compatibility information in an attempt to determine whether you will be able to simply upgrade to Windows 8, whether you will have to perform a clean installation to Windows 8, or whether there are any major roadblocks to compatibility.

I did do some brief research to determine compatibility of some of the devices I found in the specs for the Satellite X200-21E:
Intel Chipset (965PM and ICH8) is compatible, though the integrated graphics appears to have an issue with OpenGL.
NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT or 8700M GT are compatible, thus the integrated graphics issue of the chipset shouldn’t affect your system.
Realtek 8111 network interface is compatible.
Intel PRO 4965AGN wireless network adapter is compatible.

Windows Outreach Team- IT Pro

28.12.2012, 00:35
ok, thanks to both of you.

Then, I'm gonna try it, and upload here informations of what happens.

Well, as soon as I can ;)

04.01.2013, 16:37
and? Some info regardign that?