View Full Version : Satellite Pro C670 upgrade to Win 8 question

11.11.2012, 17:18
I'm confused. On one part of the Toshiba site it says my laptop is supported for upgrade but somewhere else, it isn't listed.

Can anyone tell me if I can upgrade safely and what, if any, Toshiba drivers will I need to reload. I'm not very technically minded so hope you can answer this without too much tech-speak. LOL

12.11.2012, 10:25
Check please Toshiba Win8 support page on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/generic/windows8-message and Toshiba Compatibility Matrix.
Is your notebook listed there?

12.11.2012, 12:36
Thanks for the reply. I have looked at the Toshiba site and that is what confused me. In one place, it said it was compatible but in another list, it wasn't there. I will though use the link you have given me and see if that one is any different.

12.11.2012, 12:39
Thanks again. Just looked at your link and my laptop is listed as compatible. Whoopeee. As its on special offer for newer computers, it means I can afford to do the upgrade.

I'm disabled and use my computer all the time for everything from shopping to keeping in touch with friends etc.