View Full Version : When will WIndows 8 64-bit drivers and apps be available for download

26.10.2012, 12:59
It's a bit frustrating that I can't get Windows 8 drivers and applications for my Satellite P775 because of a buggy Windows 8 Update Assistant: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=68918&tstart=0

I'm happy to download and install the relevant components manually. Do you plan to make these available for download and if so when? The web site did indicate that they would be available in time for the Windows 8 release - which is today.

26.10.2012, 13:34
The Windows 8 drivers are available… as far as I know you can download the Toshiba Windows 8 upgrade assistance which would download the driver package automatically…

Is the package buggy?
Well, it think and hope Toshiba would fix it…

PS: I know as advanced forum member that double posts are not allowed… so don’t open new theme if you already created one.

26.10.2012, 22:28

I understand why double posts are not allowed, but this is a different question.

My previous question was asking for help getting the Upgrade Assistant working - no useful response yet unfortunately.

This question is asking whether Windows 8 drivers and applications for my laptop will be made available for download and manual installation without the Upgrade Assistant.

If they will be available in the very near future, I'll wait and try that rather than continuing to try to troubleshoot the Upgrade Assistant.

29.10.2012, 09:34
Hi JoeJoe… as far as I know all notebooks which were shipped with the Win 7 and are part of the Win 8 Upgrade Assistant will get the Win 8 drivers via this Upgrade Assistant. All newer notebooks series which are already shipped with the Win 8 will be able to download the drivers manually…

Furthermore other it seems that Win 8 drivers will be released in three different steps
Step 1 - Toshiba Upgrade Assistant Release: 26.10.2012
Step 2 - Toshiba Upgrade Assistant Release: 21.11.2012
Step 3 - Toshiba Upgrade Assistant Release: 07.12.2012


30.10.2012, 14:35
*@ JoeJoe_1*

It seems that the Toshiba Upgrade Assistant for Satellite P775 is already fixed.
The added a info that Win 8 upgrade will be available on the 07.12.2012