View Full Version : Cannot enable WLAN on my Satellite P200D-12C

21.10.2012, 22:10
I have the portable Satellite P200D-12C and recently installed windows 7 32bit. The problem is I can not for the wireless to work even with the wireless LAN switch on. What happens is that the connection comes from my home network with the maximum signal and enter the password does not connect to the internet. occasionally the internet connects but then hangs up.

Even after installing the driver's Toshiba's site here.
I think the only thing I need is to install the shortcut keys fast but can not find the application on site.
Does anybody can help me?

22.10.2012, 09:24
> the shortcut keys fast
To be honest I donít know what do you mean exactly.

I have Satellite P200D-130 and preinstalled Win7 32bit and everything work perfectly. At this moment Iím writing on it and use it with WLAN connectivity.
I have installed all stuff from Toshiba download page and there is no problem at all. FN+F8 works and I can enable WLAN card.

If I understand you right WLAN card is installed and enabled properly, right?
Is your WLAN detected properly?

22.10.2012, 18:37
I alredy isntal the driver from the toshiba site. So I think is ok.
Sometimes i can conect to internet and go to web.
But sometimes it apeear in the icone behind the clock is conect and the signal in the maximum, and I can't open any webpage.
So I tjink my WLAN is detected properly, but the only thing I can't have is the software by the shortcut keys . So I can't do Fn+f8 and all the shortcut keys with FN, because donī't happen anything.
Can you tell me where I can find it ?

22.10.2012, 23:12
You must install Toshiba value added package.
You can find it on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp
Satellite P200D is listed in archive.

Check it out.