View Full Version : Satellite L655-1CJ - wireless connection breaks 10-20 times a day

04.10.2012, 16:04
My L655-1CJ wireless connection breaks 10-20 times a day. Then I have to restart laptop to be able to conect again.

We have small office network and only my laptop has this problem.

I use Windows 7.

I have downloaded all the modem and wlan official drivers and it diden't help.

We brought it to the official repair service and they say everithing is OK.

Anyone has any idea what could be the problem?

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05.10.2012, 13:54
Did you notice this at battery mode only or also if the notebook is connected to mains.
In battery mode I would recommend disabling the power saving feature for WLan.
Also I recommend testing this with different routers.

Maybe its router issue

08.11.2012, 21:46
Did you read my thread here?


Maybe a similar problem.