View Full Version : Portégé R830-1DR PT321E-0G401EFR - Slow Wlan

21.09.2012, 09:40

I have a question about the wifi on my pc when I connect to the internet I feel the speed is slow,
I looked in the settings and I found an application "Intel my wifi"
when I activates the connection improves!

I am a novice in computer science, the question is what is normal or pc is not good because it cost me my life?

21.09.2012, 14:17

Intel MY WIFI is a new wireless technology from Intel. It makes the computer's wireless adapter work concurrently as an adapter and a wireless router.
The software allows the computer's built in WLan chip to create a separate Wi-Fi personal Area Network (PAN). This network allows you to connect up to eight other Wi-Fi clients to connect to it, while the computer is still connected to a separate access point.

This means you can connect the notebook to WLan and at the same time you can connect an smartphone to the notebook in order to share the internet connection.

Here are some info about this new technology from Intel: